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Why the mechanical bar tastes good?

May 07, 2020
Why the mechanical bar tastes good
Because the power supply structure of mechanical equipment is relatively simple, there is no chip circuit to provide voltage stabilization. The power output is controlled purely by the resistivity of the rod and the power characteristics of the battery, the contact design of the key and the resistance of the atomizer. Therefore, the subtle curve between zero ignition delay, instantaneous output and stable output of the battery leads to a strong contrast between the soft and fine taste in surging and the direct and over heated taste of the device with chip. Moreover, this taste is basically impossible to replicate in the chip voltage regulating device, and now the minimum resistance supported by the chip device is more than 0.05, which is supported by the mechanical device Unlimited, and the lower the resistance, the higher the power required, the more obvious the taste change on the mechanical equipment, the higher the playability
mechanical bar
PS: because the mechanical equipment will determine the output power according to the output voltage of the battery, the data power output higher than 0.3 resistance value will be lower, and the smoke amount will be much lower than that of the voltage regulating equipment when the power is higher, and the advantages of high resistance and small smoke cannot be exerted, so the mechanical rod is generally only suitable for the use of low resistance data
So many players like to play big smog and pursue taste change. The final choice of equipment is mechanical rod
The mechanical pole usually only holds one battery, and it is cylindrical, and the size is relatively small. Because the electrical conductivity of the pole body must be high plasticity of the metal material, so the shape of the mechanical pole is various, including the hard (light) pie (pole) no decoration series, as well as the art (carving) pie (flower) relief or bright color to show the young fashion (painting) pie! It's amazing to see all kinds of designs and ideas. In addition to practical value, with the characteristics of metal oxidation, the mechanical rod will also produce some wonderful oxidation patterns or texture changes along with the use time and contact with the body like wood and other literary games! So in the aspect of appearance, the mechanical rod has a unique advantage, which is difficult to compare with the voltage regulating equipment! A suitable mechanical rod can show your personality and taste. It's so handsome! Ha-ha
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