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Can e-cigarettes achieve the goal of quitting smoking?

May 07, 2020
E-cigarettes can really kick the habit.
Whether it will help you quit depends on the individual, given the current market for e-cigarettes. The target population of the product itself is divided.
VAPEANTS quitting smoking
If you are a young person, the main scenes of smoking are parties, social gatherings, etc. Smoking itself is less of an addiction and more of a social need and subconscious physical behavior. The recommended choice is the selection of the host choose and buy box class, the appearance of cool, there is a certain playability. Atomizer can choose the finished products of the atomizer, not complex and easy to use. Smoke oil respect, choose a few good reputation a few, the sale is good. Although say 100 people 100 mouth, but everybody say good general meeting suits you. Just start, get a set of less than 500 is enough. Can achieve the purpose that gives up smoking to replace smoke completely, play did not like to lose also not regrettable.
If you are already a heavy smoker, smoke about 1 pack a day. And the demand for e-cigarettes itself is very simple to replace cigarettes and eventually quit smoking. Then it is recommended to choose some mature enclosed e-cigarettes, VUSE, JUUL, PHIX, IQOS. This way you do not need to consider the replacement of various parts of the atomizer consumption and smoke oil taste options. The official flavor of tobacco or menthol tobacco.
If the demand for e-cigarettes is not just to quit smoking instead of smoking, it belongs to heavy tobacco lovers. That is, people who like to do a little bit of hand roll, like the tobacco culture. In fact, quitting smoking is already impossible for such people. Because itself does not have the subjective consciousness to quit smoking. Using e-cigarettes is just as much about enjoying tobacco as it is healthier and less harmful to the body.
This is recommended for some toasted e-cigarettes. This is a niche product. For example, V2 company's V2 PRO series of lampblack integrated e-cigarette. Or a PAX line of e-cigarettes focused on baked PAX LABS. These products are made by baking tobacco over high heat rather than burning it to produce flavor and nicotine. It is healthier than traditional pipe and hand roll.
Another popular use of e-cigarettes at the moment is puffing, a subculture of e-cigarettes. This kind of product basically is mechanical pole what, this kind of product is not in fact to give up smoking for the purpose, the main audience is not to give up smoking people but real steam smoke players. Which ones are not recommended for quitters to try.
Also, quit using e-cigarettes, just as an aid. If you subjectively do not stop smoking or reduce the awareness of smoking, any product is not effective. If the willpower is relatively strong, you can do without these auxiliary equipment, it is not difficult to quit smoking, it is whether you want to or not. E-cigarettes are a relatively simple way to quit smoking and make it easier to quit.
PS: if you use e-cigarettes for the purpose of quitting smoking, you should still use 12mg of e-cigarette oil. Currently, most of the 6mg or 3mg of e-cigarette oil sold by the vast majority of sellers is for some players or half players to use, low concentration can be smoked more, suitable for more smoke.
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