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Flavoured e-cigarettes are twice as effective at helping adults quit smoking as tobacco smell, according to an international study

Aug 21, 2020

June 30 - Flavored e-cigarettes are twice as effective at helping adults quit smoking as their cigarette smell, according to a massive international study involving nearly 18,000 participants. In addition, flavored e-cigarettes do not lead to more young people smoking.

The study comes as New Zealand's bill to regulate smoking awaits progress in a parliamentary order. The bill stipulates that general retailers, such as dairy producers, supermarkets and service stations, are allowed to sell only three e-cigarettes: tobacco, menthol and menthol.

"This study is overwhelming evidence that flavoring helps more adults quit smoking and does not attract more young people to smoke. In light of this compelling study, our members of Congress now need to amend the law and keep it convenient for adults to use popular flavors. Flavored e-cigarettes are definitely the key to a smoke-free future for New Zealand, "says Ben Pryor, co-owner of VAPO and Alt, New Zealand's largest e-cigarette brand.

The study, "Association of flavored e-cigarette intake with subsequent smoking initiation and cessation," was published on the Jama Network in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The researchers concluded: "Flavored e-cigarettes were not associated with an increase in youth smoking, but were associated with a larger factor in adults quitting smoking. Those who preferred non-tobacco flavoring were 2.3 times more likely to quit smoking than those who used tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes."

"We just want our government to follow the evidence, not the emotions. As the researchers concluded, "increasing smoking cessation in the 18-54 age group has substantial health effects." The way to do this is to ensure that a wide range of e-cigarette flavors are available to smokers who are eager to quit. Adults love seasoning and it works." 'said Mr Prior.

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